French Blog #23 – Painting A Row of Plane Trees

In towns, villages, farms and villas in France, roads lined with plane trees is often seen and can be quite impressive and beautiful.  It started when Napolean ordered the roads lined with plane or other tall trees like ash, elm or chestnut to provide shade for his marching troops.  Plane trees are not fruit-bearing and admired solely for their shape. Continue reading French Blog #23 – Painting A Row of Plane Trees

French Blog #19 – Trip to Grignon

The last day of the workshop the group chose to take a trip to Grignon, a town with a chateau that looks like a mini-Versailles.  It was the home of a daughter who received a series of letters from her mother (Madame de  Sevigne).  The letters are poetic and witty and were later published in volumes of books.  They are famous because the style brought letter writing into a proper art form.  The town and chateau are both beautiful and charming.  Through the years, many artists have visited Grignon and it has  inspirated many beautiful paintings, drawings and watercolors of the chateau and the grounds.  It is worth a visit. Continue reading French Blog #19 – Trip to Grignon