PRICE OF WORKSHOP: $2150 (one artist participant), $2950 (one artist participant and one non-artist couple), $3400 (two artist participants couple)

DEPOSIT: $300 to secure your place in the workshop

FINAL PAYMENT (due February 15th, 2018):
$1850 (single), $2650 (couple), $3100 (artist couple)

Because of the strength in the dollar, the workshop is able to be offered at this discounted price.

Payment can be made online or check.

Workshop 2018 – Payment

*Note Final Payments include materials fee.

In case of cancellation, your deposit is refundable (minus an administration charge of $100) before 60 days after date of receipt of deposit. Final payment is refundable before 30 days of receipt of payment or unless a participant can be found to fill your space. Please review our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Please go to contact page to contact Judy by email or call:  617-859-0282 with further questions.


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